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Chapter One

On a VERY hot day last August, my girl friend told me she was going down to the CVS to pick up a refill on her allergy prescription... I just got home from work and offered to pick it up for her,but she said she needed to do some other shopping, anyways.The way she said "other" shopping made me think it was "that time" of the month and that I was no good at "that" kind of shopping, so I gave her the car keys....

author Phil

Chapter Two

Marissa took the keys from Phil....gave him a quick kiss on the cheek....jumped into the 98 Camaro....and headed down the road. While Stevie Wonder was singing My Cherie Amore on 96.7...Marissa couldn't help but think about the dead end her life had come excitement. At the tender age of 24, she felt like an old couple married 56 years!

As she pulled into the parking lot of CVS, she reminded herself that she was lucky to have such a great guy be in love with her...even if she didn't feel as strongly as he did. "Shew...this humidity....I'll be glad to get this prescription I can just breathe!" she thought to herself ... and thank goodness CVS is open late. She enters the store....finding no one in there, but a lonely pharmacist. They strike up a conversation.....she's in no particular hurry to return home.......Phil is watching the football game anyway!

Suddenly they are rudely interrupted with a loud shout! "HANDS UP" They had both been so enthralled, they hadn't even noticed the little jingle bell ring the front door when it opened. They turned....only to find themselves looking down the barrel of a 357 magnum!

"GIMME ALL YOUR MONEY'...the nervous man shouted.

Marissa could tell he was nervous by the slight tremor of his hand.

She could also tell he was new at this, for he hadn't even covered his face....which she noticed was quite strong and handsome. The gangly pharmacist quickly obeyed....opened the cash register....and handed the man $32.56. The robber was shocked...astonished! $32.56! Marissa quickly reached in her purse and pulled out a $20 bill......

"Here, you can have this", she stated quickly........"but you have to take me with you!"

She grabbed her prescription....and the two went running out the door....

author Penny

Chapter Three

They ran for the robbers get away car (which happened to be a lime green 62 VW bus) and took of at top speed (about 50 miles per hour).

'Hey, what's your name? That certainly is a big gun you've go there!', said Marissa.

"My name's Bob and it's not a real gun. This is my forth holdup here and i just get so really bored doing the same thing over and over again. I wish i could think of something new and exciting." Bob moped.

"Ya know, Bob' Marissa excitedly replied. "I feel the same way! I'm just so bored with my life. What can we do that is really exciting?"

Bob thought about this for a moment. "Well there's an airport near here...we could get a ticket to South America and go exploring in the jungle!", He replied with glee.

"Yea, but i don't think we could get there with lets see...a total of 57 dollars between us." Marissa sadly said.

"Oh, I'll just use my credit card. I have over 2 million in the bank. I just do the holdup thing for excitement. The pharmacist is my uncle and i do this every Thursday. But it's been getting pretty boring lately." Bob said.

"Well let's get going to South America then", Marissa yelled gleefully as they flew (at 50 miles per hour) toward the airport...

author Michael

Chapter Four

The VW bus sped down the road, kicking up gravel and dust. Marissa and Bob sat in silence listening to the wind whistle through the windows, as old VW's tend to do.

Marissa looked straight ahead, remembering Phil's face, and the way that lock of long dark hair fell into his blue eyes. She recalled his smile, wondering if she was doing the right thing. Marissa thought about how hurt Phil would be, how she would miss her boring, but comfortable life. She knew she could wimp out and change her mind, but what would Bob do?

"Oh my God," she thought as she stared ahead at the dotted lines in the highway. "I don't really know if this guy is telling the truth, what if he's really a psycho?"

Bob glanced over at Marissa. She felt his gaze and looked at him, their eyes locked, then they both turned away. Bob watched the road, thinking about the cute chick next to him. He smiled inside, knowing this was going to be fun.

Marissa could see the airport in the distance, and didn't know what to do. "Should I stay or should I go?" she thought nervously, as that very song came to mind. She recalled the last time she felt so excited with anticipation, her last road trip. Travelling cross-country to be with Phil was the most exciting thing she had ever done. The adrenaline rush of seeing him walk out of his house when she pulled onto the gravel drive. She felt that same anticipation now, as Bob hit the brakes, and the bus slowed to a crawl.

"Damn," said Bob, "traffic."

Marissa, lost in thought, hadn't noticed. She braced herself with her feet as the bus slowed.

She looked at him and smiled, "Sure, sounds good!"

Bob pulled the tape out as he smiled at her, and Marissa closed the glove box as he popped the tape into the stereo. His arm had left her knee, but she still felt it there.

The traffic was moving slowly but surely, "More Than a Feeling" was playing, and Marissa looked at Bob and said.....

author Charmed