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Chapter Five

"Bob, If you don't mind me asking, Why did you lie to me?".

With an astounded look on his face, Bob looks to Marissa and says "What makes you think i lied to you?".

After a brief pause, Marissa ever nervously says " When you got the tape out of the glove compartment, I noticed two passports, How is this a spurt of the moment decision if you already had this planned?".

        With a gazed look, And a feeling of unexpectance, Bob says: "Marissa, I know who you are, and what you are. It has been my job to study you for the last six months. I have some things i need to explain to you, and I need your undivided attention".

"STOP THE VAN!!", Marissa yells. Bob only speeds up, And yells "KRISTEN!!, YOU MUST LISTEN TO ME IF YOU WANT TO LIVE!!"....

Now crying, and full of fear, Marissa says "What do you want from me!?"

Bob only says, "Clear your head, I mean you no harm! Now you must compose your self and listen to what i am about to tell you."

After Marissa agree's, Bob pulls into a roadside rest area, And shows Marissa a badge:   "My name is Jaun Hinsley, I am with the Department of Defense, With the United States Government, Your life is in extreme danger, And it is my job to get you to safety, Now you are going with me whether you want to or not, If you'll calm yourself down, I will explain things to you, And make this whole ordeal easy for both of us."

In utter shock, Marissa realizes she has no choice, And decides to relax herself enough to get a grip on her emotions. Marissa then states: "If it's about those computer discs i stole in Detroit, I can explain!, I only wanted to find information about the payroll of the City Employees, As i have reason to believe Chairman David D'Grero is taking bribes. And those discs hold all the proof i need to get him out of office, And i haven't even LOOKED at them yet."

Bob says "Listen to me Marissa, It IS about those discs, and you have NO IDEA what you did, now listen to what i'm about to tell you"

And with that, Bob continues:... "I know your real name is Kristen Arnold, And I also know you believe the government had your father killed, And you think you can get revenge."

Bob continues "The government did NOT have anything to do with your fathers abrupt death, It was in fact the actions of a liberated group of terrorist out of Istanbul Turkey, And they have an inside guy in Detroit, And yes It IS David G'rero. And those discs you have, Have every listed member, Address, Names, Their entire secrets, And everything about them on it. Now, they KNOW you have those discs, And they want two things. Number One, Their discs back, And number two, You dead."

As Bob continues.... "You didn't need those Prescriptions, It was a set up to get you there so i could meet you there, And the Clerk was in on it also. It was the safest place we thought to pick you up. The US Government has wanted this guy for a LONG time, But we didn't have the proof to nail him. With your cooperation, We can promise you COMPLETE safety, And a normal life. To make it short, We want those discs."

With a dizzy head, And maybe a few symptoms of shock, Marissa cries "But what about my father!, Doesn't that mean anything to you!!!! You're so worried about YOU, And those damn discs, But that doesn't to ANYTHING for me, or my father!!, What have i done!!"

Realizing the sun is starting to rise, Bob starts the van and starts driving away..and says: "Marissa, I knew your father personally, He was one hell of a guy, and for what it's worth, He would be so proud of you right now. You see, Your father also knew about the Turkish liberalists, And he was with us, just as i hope you are." Even more, Bob explains...

" You see, your fathers death was surely a tragedy, And i felt as though a part of me left with him. Your father, Did not drown in Lake Michigan during a storm, He was shot to death in a gunfight outside of Romulus Michigan, And the truth had to be hid because of national security. He was the best Sergeant i have ever worked under, And I really tore him apart to not be able to tell you the truth about him. You were very young at the time, He always said he'd tell you when you were old enough to understand, But That won't happen now, God Rest his soul., And i gave him my word that I'd be there for you if anything like this ever happened." "I want revenge for your father as much as you do, And I know we can nail this jerk, I promise you that!, I know this is a lot accept all at onced, But it's the pure truth."

Bob drives, And they both remain silent for a while. Bob feels really bad for the ladies situation, and against his rules, and better judgement, He gives her a hidden ultimatum, to let her make her own choice now. So as it is now 7:40 am, Bob puts eight, one hundred dollar bills on the console, along with a 357 magnum, and a cell phone, and a fake i.d. made for her, and says:

  "There's a bus station, I think I'll stop for a few minutes and stretch my legs. There's a soda machine if your thirsty, I'm going to the Men's room, I'll be back in 15 minutes."

As Bob walks away, he is surely hoping she will stay, But knowing he left everything she needs on the console, he doesn't know what to expect when he returns. So after about 10 minutes, he walks out of the station, and the fog prevents him from seeing if the van is still there. So as he turns the last corner, Bob looks up and sees that the van is....

author Weaver

Chapter Six

...MISSING!! Upon closer inspection he spots something lying on the ground by where he left the van, The cell phone smashed to bits. A quick glance around, he notices a rental car parked off to the side of the station that wasn't there when they had pulled up. He approaches the car with caution, glancing in the rear window he notices a body slumped over in the back seat. He opens the door to find the body of Phil dead, a gunshot wound in the head.

"Oh my GOD!!" "They must have followed us!" he mumbles to himself. Bob has no time to call the proper authorities about Phil he needs to find Kristen fast! He hot wires the rental car and takes off in the direction of her house. They must be taking her back there to get the discs.

In the meantime....... Blindfolded, gagged, and tied layng in the back of the van is Kristen. She can hear two men speaking a foreign language.

"Where are they taking me?" she questions to herself.

The ride seemed like an eternity finally the van comes to a stop. Kristen had been fumbling trying to get herself untied. She had succeeded in getting her hands loose. She waits.... She hears the van door open and shut and waits to hear if both doors have been opened and shut. YES!! ....She waits a few moments more and hears her abductors voices in the distance. She removes her blindfold and the gag and cautiously gets up to view a huge estate.

"Who owns this?" she questions to herself, then the pieces start falling together. "This must be David D'Grero's estate." "I have got to get outta here!"

She starts to open the sliding door on the van. Being old, it makes quite a noise. The noise does not go unnoticed by the two Dobermans that protect the estate. They run to the direction of the noise. Kristen just starts to get out the van when she sees the two dogs heading her way......

author Becky