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Chapter Nine

Kristen finally got ahold of herself, and she realized that she had unknowingly brought this on herself when she stole the disks in an attempt to expose Chairman David D'Grero. But, heck, she would avenge her father's death no matter what it took.

Through the plane's headphones, they listened to the Beatles. This was Marissa and Phil's favorite album, and she smiled at the thought of him. She'd decided in her mind to return to Phil and her dull, boring life of safety when this was all over. Being with Phil made it all worthwhile. How she longed to brush aside that lock of hair on his forehead, above those beautiful eyes.

"There's something else I haven't told you," Jaun said gently.

Beneath his muscular build and his good looks, he was a kind soul, and telling her this was very hard for him.

"I'm afraid the Turkish terrorists have....have..." he gulped, knowing the terrible news he had to deliver. "I'm sorry to tell you this, but they've murdered Phil."

He could feel the pain in his stomach grow worse, and he wiped away a small tear from his eye. For that one moment, time and space stood still for Kristen. All of the unimportant troubles of life slipped away, and she suddenly understood.

Seeing the look on Kristen's face, Jaun became upset. "Kristen," he said, "Are you all right?"

Kristen looked into Jaun's eyes, deeply, down to his soul, it seemed to her. They were such a deep blue she felt she could sink into them forever. And just in that moment, she realized she saw Phil and her father, both smiling, alive and happy.

As she allowed herself to fall deeper into this relaxing, she heard them both say, "It's all right, Kristen. We've understood what you've been trying to do all along. We've been helping you."

She saw Phil turn to her father, and say, "Do you see, I've kept my promise to you, to keep her safe, until she was ready to move on to a new life."

And her father replied "I know, Phil. I never doubted for a moment that you would do what's right. That's why I chose you to help her through her darkest hours."

Then, like a wisp of smoke, they faded away. There remained only a feeling of contentment, the first time she'd felt that way in a long, long time.

Jaun looked at Kristen and said, "I don't know what just happened, but I feel nothing can stop us now. Are you all right?"

He was surprised at how relaxed he suddenly felt. All feelings of apprehension had disappeared, and he felt stronger than he ever had before. He brushed away a lock of hair from his forehead. He knew what her answer would be before she spoke. Kristen started to answer him, but just then, she looked up and realized that they had just landed in Switzerland. She looked out the window. And coming towards the plane was a Jeep filled with the Defense Department terrorist faction, guns drawn. The plane was surrounded by tanks!

As she looked toward the doorway of the plane, she saw one of the terrorists knocking aside the stewardess, and heading towards her and Jaun. His rifle was pointed directly at them.

"Hands up!", he shouted.

Kristen and Jaun looked around and saw.....

author Sue

Chapter Ten

The terrorists rifle was pointed straight at them. They looked around and saw there was no way to escape. With their hands up, they stood in the aisle. Kristen felt scared, but Jaun's presence calmed her. And for some reason, she has the same feeling of security that she felt with Phil and her father. All of a sudden, before Kristen and Jaun could even realize what happened, they heard a loud noise and the terrorist dropped dead. They turned to see the face of a CIA SharpShooter, who was now headed for the cockpit. As he passed by, Jaun just grabbed Kristen, held her close to him and assured her everything would be alright. He wouldn't let her know how much it scared him that he thought he had almost lost her just then.

He had been sitting in the back of the plane and the only clear shot he had was right between Kristen and Jauns heads. They stood there in shock not knowing what just happend or how it happened.

The CIA agent comes back to them and says, "We had to change the location of your safe house. We knew the terrorists were on to you and I volunteered to personally escort you there safely."

He looks at Kristen, "Ma'am, I respected your Father very much."

The stewardess comes back and asks them to take their seats, they hadn't even noticed they were going back down the runway to take off again.

"Where are we going now?" Kristen asks the CIA agent. "Well that is not important right now. I just promise to get you there safely."

Kristen is sitting there with Jaun, her mind just racing with everything that has just happened and what she was told.

Jaun senses the turmoil she is going through. "Kristen, I want you to just sit back and relax as much as you can. I have put my favorite album in here for you to listen to. I hope you like it too."

He hands her the headphones, and as she puts them on she hears The Beatles 'Abbey Road'. This sent chills up her spine. She just looked at him and smiled. This was Marissa & Phils favorite album. She sat there thinking about Phil and silently said her good-byes to him.

  About that time the CIA agent comes up to them. "Ma'am we really need those disks. There is no time. If I had not been on this plane, those disks would be in the hands of the terrorists. We think it is best that you give us the disks right now in case anything else turns up like that."

Jaun immediately stood up, "I think those disks are fine where they are....Sir. As long are you are here we wont run into any more problems right?"

The stewardess comes back and asks them to return to their seats and buckle in for landing. Kristen looks out the window and is just elated to see......

author Angel

Chapter Eleven

More soldiers than she'd ever seen in her life spread out all over the tarmac!   Jaun looked out the small window in perfect astonishment,"What the hell...."

Just then Kristen felt herself spun around & pushed to the floor and lying under a man's body!

"Its ok, ma'am! Stay still! Before anyone gets to you they've got to go through me 1st!", He was saying, now she was terrified!

"Alright Hinkly game's over!"

That voice! she knew that voice! "You're dead!" shouted Jaun. With that he opened fire and leapt toward where Kristen was.

She could hear the tatoo of bullets! The familiar other voice rang out again, "No! Your dead for real!" more shots!  then,


"Daddy?"Oh God! Daddy!" she screamed, pushing away the agent who was still bodily protecting her! Her father scooped her up & held her to him. He could feel her shaking uncontrollably while sobbing so deeply he was afraid she would trigger a breathing attack.

After they debarked and the Zanex the doctor gave her kicked in and the shock of seeing her father worn off. She was ready for some answers.

Once again she was airborne. This time though , with the one man who really did love her. they were headed back to the states where her father would be debriefed at Quantico. He had gotten permission for a 24 hour leave first to settle Kristen in.

"...So we faked my death! but, geez, Kristen..honeygirl what happened next was really not expected! You!" "Phil was a flunky for D'grero! he knew you could access those disks. Jaun set it up! all those tapes Phil had you listen too, & then Jaun too were all loaded with subliminal messages. My poor baby!" he said while giving her a hug! "Jaun was dirty! a turncoat.but he planned to get you & the tapes to Switzerland so he could blackmail D'Grero! He figured you'd be the unsuspecting willing hostage that would keep the company,our guys off his tail for awhile! You were expendable! We knew that & had to work fast! you know the rest!"

Two of the landmarks she knew best were now coming into view! Three mile island & over there...the Susquehenna river! they were heading into the Harrisburg , PA airport! She could barely contain her happiness! This area had been her childhood home!her father would commute from his "engineering " job in Virginia to see her at the prestigious Etain Academy in Gettysburg where his mother Grammy Marie lived. She just then had a flash of splitting her holidays with Grammy Elise in Enola and Grammy Marie. oh to feel that safety again!   home!......

author witchyway


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