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Chapter One

In a somewhat abandoned coal mining town, in Northern Kentucky, a 17 year old young lady, Elizabeth Woodson "Beth", is still suffering emotional instability over her boyfriends death.

To those who don't know her, she seems just like any other ordinary 17 year old. But to her family and friends, the trauma shows through considerably. She withdraws herself from everyone and all activities.

Her younger brother, now 16, is her only link to the real world. For some reason, she is more open with him than anyone else in her family. Her boyfriend quit school at the age of 16 to work in the coal mines, as this is normal throughout this part of the country. Poverty levels are high and money is extremely limited in this region.

Beth spends most of her time in the mine in which her boyfriend died in, now closed due to state and federal safety hazzards. Just setting and staring aimlessly through out the days, and some nights.

Her Brother, extremely worried about her, is trying to think of a way to get her to snap out of this mental bliss. Although understanding, he also realizes it's time for her to move on.

So one cloudy Saturday, her brother (Timmy) goes into the abandoned mine shaft looking for her, just to talk if nothing more. As he enters the mine he begins yelling her name, "Beth...Hey Liz, Where are you?!"

As he pauses a minute to let his eyes get used to the darkness, he hears a strange sound coming from the depths of the mine. As he progresses forward, the sounds are getting closer. He can see Beth's candles, and personal things where she was setting.

Not familiar with the mine, he decides to go back home and get a flashlight. And also his best friend, Jason, who is 23 years old, and an expert in mine shafts, as he has been working in them since the age of 15.

Timmy explains why he is worried about her being in there, and the dangers of the shaft. Without a hesitation Jason grabs some gear and quickly says, "Let's go! It will be dark in about 4 hours, so grab your stuff, this could be a long night!"

On their way back Timmy says, "Jason, could those noises have been cave bats?"

With a witty smile Jason replies, "No Tim, cave bats live in natural made caves. Mines are man made, and the Carbon Monoxide and Sulfuric Fumes will drive all animals away. But these are normally harmless to a human."

Jason continues, "I can't understand why Beth would go deep into the mine without her candles? It is PITCH DARK in those. Oh Well, let's quit jabbering and go see."

As they cross the last green field, Jason laughs and says, "Tim, surely your sister has outgrown that witch craft, and that spirital bologna hasn't she?"

"Dont ask!", Tim replies, laughing and shaking his head. "Your guess is as good as mine with her".

"OK, there it is. Just do what I say, and follow close behind me. And No loud noises or sudden moves," Jason tells him.

Upon entering the cave, they can both hear these faint sounds. Tim shows Jason where her things were. And as they move on deeper into the cave....

Chapter by Weaver

Chapter Two

Timmy says to Jason, "What are those sounds?"

Jason, noticing the quiver in Timmy's voice calmly says, "Oh that is normal after a cave in, the beams make noise." Jason knows this is not the case in this situation. The noise he was hearing wasn't like any other he had ever encountered in a cave.

As they continue deeper into the cave, the sound seems to be getting louder. "I..I...I...don't think so Jason," Timmy stutters. At this point he doesn't want to go on.

Jason swings the flashlight around in the darkness. They have come to a fork in the cave. They have no way of knowing from which direction the sounds are coming from.

"I think we should leave and call the police or something, Jason," Timmy says.

But Jason is too curious to leave at this point and continues deeper, ignoring Timmy.

Jason's thoughts turn to Beth, a beautiful girl that he is quite attracted to. Her boyfriend, Billy, had always stood in the way. Now wth Billy gone, maybe he stood a chance with her.

Suddenly they hear a large cracking sound; this sound is very familiar to Jason. "CAVE IN!!" he yells. "RUN!"

Chapter by Becky

Chapter Three

With the flash of lightening, Jason starts running into the left fork of the cave. "Follow me now," he YELLS to Timmy.

After a few minutes Jason stops and listens. Glad that he had knowledge of these mining caves, he turns to Timmy and replies..."God, lets only pray that Beth ventured into this fork of the cave. I'm afraid that if she wondered into the right fork, there is no hope of saving her."

As they stood there trying to get their breath back, Timmy whispers, "Listen, I hear those noises again."

With that, Jason's mind starts racing. Being around these caves for the past 8 years now, Jason knows that the real reason the cave was shut down was not because of "health hazards". Strange things had been happening for several years before the shut down.

He sadly remembers his best friend Jake...who he had grown up with as a young lad. They had done everything together since there were in 1st grade. He'll never forget in his entire life, the day he found his "buddy" at the age of 16, just outside the cave, so mangled.... that look of terror on his face, was embedded in his mind, just like it was yesterday.

But now Timmy is tugging on his arm, saying, "Jason, Jason! Listen, the noises are getting louder. We need to get out of here and get help!!.

Now snapping out of his deep thoughts of Jake.... his determination to forge on, to try and find Beth, is the only thing he can think of. "Timmy, you can go on back, but I have to go deeper into the cave and help Beth. There is no turning back. There may not be enough time to save her if we go back," Jason tells Timmy.

Timmy looks at Jason, thinks for a minute, and even though now terrified, he knows in his heart that something lurks ahead of them and that if they don't go on he may never see his sister again. "Lets go find Beth.....," he replies back.

Chapter by Bobbi