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Chapter Eight

The faint drumming could be still heard. Suddenly....
.......Timmy sprinted towards the thick woods. "Come on," he yelled. "There's no time to waste!"

The trees and underbrush were quite thick as they slowly made their way down a steep and heavily wooded incline. After what seemed like hours of forcing their way through the foliage they came to an opening in the brush, and the ground began to level off.

As they came through the opening in the trees every one stopped short and gasped in astonishment. In front of them was a curtain of glittering, glowing blue light that completely filled their view and seemed to go on in all directions as far as they could see.

The blinding curtain danced in a hypnotic fashion and took their breath away. It seemed to be emitting a low hum in harmony with the stone that was embedded in Timmy's chest.

"We have to go through it," Timmy muttered. "It's the only way." Before the others could stop him, he walked directly into the glowing curtain. There was a tremendous flash of light and a rush of wind followed by a thunderous clap, and then Timmy was gone from sight.

Beth and Jason stood terrified. There are times when fear is so great that the brain just shuts down and the body acts. This was one of those times. They both knew what they had to do and they both stepped into the curtain of light simultaneously...

On the other side, Beth came to herself as the tingling wave of...something...washed over her body, and the glow in her eyes began to subside. She ran to Timmy who was laying sprawled in the grass, still dazed from whatever they had just passed through. His shirt was torn open and his chest looked...normal.

The blue stone as laying on the ground beside him, making strange sparks and streamers of blue light. Beth reached for the stone and was immediately knocked to the ground by an electric shock.

"Beth! Are you okay?" Jason screamed as he ran to her side and then held her to him.

"Yes. I...I think I'm okay. I can hear the drums...they're so loud. Timmy, Jason, we have to get that stone up the hill...behind that ridge," Beth told them.

"Yes!" Timmy exclaimed. "That's were we have to go...up there....where the drums are! But, but we can't touch the stone now, no one can! How can we take it to them?"

"Well," Jason pondered, "if that energy is anything like electricity, we have to find some kind of insulator to carry it."

"I know!" Beth exclaimed as she quickly reached a hand into Jason's back pocket and pulled out the condom packet.

"Beth, we don't have time for that!" Jason stammered with astonished embarrassment.

Beth pushed him aside. "Don't be silly, Jason. Quick, get a stick and help me push the stone into the condom. We can use it as an insulator and then we can carry the stone safely. Don't worry Jason," she smiled, "there's two left."

With the stone safely protected and in her hand, they began the walk up to the top of the rise, up to the drums....

Chapter by Michael

Chapter Nine they stood on the top of the rise, the sounds of the drums surrounding them, they each looked down in bewilderment of what they were seeing.

The stories they had heard were running through their minds. Elizabeth was thinking of the 'haunting' tales told to her so many times...tales of angry spirits. Angry that their sacred burial grounds had been disrupted; restless spirits without a home. She had dismissed these tales as folklore.

Jason could only be saddened by the obvious disregard of the ancient's burial grounds by the 'system' that had so flagrantly disrespected this lost culture's heritage. Simply for the sake of 'prosperity', it had carelessly dug up the remains and treasures of the tribe, and callously 'dumped' them here.

Timmy was not in control of his thoughts. Something, or someone was pulling him towards the altar that stood in the middle of the rubbage. His urgent need to be there was overpowering as he called to his sister and friend. "Come on, hurry! We must go down there now. There is nothing to fear."

His voice snapped them back to reality and they began to descend the hill. As they walked towards the altar, they were silent, awed by what they were seeing, Bones, skulls, remains partially elevated on beds of wood. Some covered with beautiful woven blankets, others with animal's hides.

Scattered throughout the remains were small treasures; pieces of pottery exquisitely painted, with the occasional bowl or pitcher somehow still remaining intact. Beautiful beads made of stones of the most brilliant colors. More exquisite blankets, and the most beautiful of feathers. Signs of a gentler, more peaceful time and people.

The threesome stepped carefully through the remains so as to not further disrupt anything. The temptation to retrieve a small treasure and take it home with them was a hard one to resist.

Not a sound could be heard, except for the hauntingly sad beat of the drums. Finally, reaching the altar.....

Chapter by Penny

Chapter Ten

.....they stopped short. The trio was awestruck, while the blue stone began to emit its now familiar tone of approval.

This time the vision was not Timmy's alone, but shared by Jason and Beth as well.

Another shimmering curtain lay before them. However, this one was transparent. The effect was one of looking through a droplet of water. The five figures with white hair were seemingly engrossed in their rtual, until the one among them wearing the blue feather in his braided hair, turned to face the young one's on the other side of the veil. The drumming abruptly ceased as he beckoned to them to come forth.

Beth broke the now eerie silence. "It's a doorway! It's a doorway to the Otherworld! The Spirit World!" she whispered.

Chapter by WitchyWay

Chapter Eleven

Beth looked up to see Jason asking with his eyes the unspoken question, and together in silent accord they looked to Timmy to provide the answer. Without looking at them he reached out for their hands, and in unison they stepped through the distortion of colored lights. Timmy focused his eyes on the spot he had imagined the white haired worshippers to have been, but nothing was there save a barren rockiness that stretched for endless miles in every direction. He looked behind and saw only more of the same. Beth was watching as the living blue stone turned into a lifeless nugget in it's latex sac, the charge within the bag dissapating into nothingness. In the distance the aurora borealis was leaping and glowing with red and blue and green ribbons of light, intensifying every few minutes until, with the passage of a few hours it nearly filled the sky above them. Nearly hypotized by the undulating pulse of the lights and frozen with terror at the change of surroundings they were rendered helpless.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~

"Your theory has proven true", said the tallest man.

"Yes, and I can't say that it pleases me at all to know that our ancestors were still quite so superstitious and animalistic even as the 21st century unfolded, but the facts prove it to be true."

The taller man turned to the other and replied with a laugh, "Well, there's nothing like seeing it with your own eyes to prove it. I had thought originally that they were going to 'see' some supernatural nonsense while they were in the cave, or that Timmy was going to imagine he had died and traveled down the tunnel of light as so many of his time had claimed to do."

A low chuckle accompanied the answer, "Well, at least we were spared that bit of theatrics." With that said, they went back to the screen to view their subjects, still lost in a man-made world of supposed supernatural activity.

"Oh, look," pointed out the tall one, "Beth is pointing out to the others that the rock has lost it's energy".

"Yes, yes," the other man abstractly mumbled. He was already making note of the actions the young men were taking as they became used to their new environment.

Chapter by BarbieFan