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Chapter Twelve

Timmy and Jason were heatedly arguing as to whether or not to return through the "curtain" to see if the stone would revive!   Beth seemed engrossed in thought.....her eyes filled with tears.....she felt a sense of being watched.   She softly whispered to Timmy and Jason.."someone is watching us". "What?" - both boys said in unison.."say again". "We are being watched - the white haired spirits were not real - they were in our minds - someone or thing put them there when we were in the caves!"

Beth turned and looked directly at the boys - suddenly she reached out and took the stone and tore off the shield! Without warning the stone came alive with color - first a searing white flash of light and then a kaleidoscope of dancing, shimmering colors -the like of which they had never seen! Beth raised her face to the heavens and spread her arms, palms up, as if she was about to fly away. A look of joy came to her face as she appeared to be washed with a golden ray. As her smile grew her eyes opened wide with glee..the golden ray washed over her body and she lifted off the ground - soaring into the heavens - disappearing into the clouds.

Timmy leaped up to try to stop Beth but it was as if his hands hit a wall - he fell to the ground in tears. Jason was too stunned to react. His face had a horrific look of terror - he shook his head in disbelief! Timmy, now standing and looking into the heavens for a glimpse of his beloved sister, turned to Jason to ask if he could see Beth and saw the look of terror on Jason's face! "Jason, what is it?" screamed Timmy! (How much more horror could this young lad of 16 take?). "Jason, please Jason, what is it?".

Beth, still happy, smiling, and feeling a sense of peace, was gleefully accepting this strange and wonderful flight into the heavens. As she swooped down through the clouds she saw Jason and Timmy and could hear her brother's terrified pleas to Jason. In a voice, which seemed to come from the very depths of her soul, she said: "Jason, do not be afraid, you are the true link! Timmy was but a chattel to bring you here. This IS the vision of the caves you had at 16 years old......the "stone" you found but were fearful of touching, has waited these 7 years for another "pure of heart" 16 year old boy to carry it to you." Jason's heart pounded at hearing Beth's words but now he KNEW the secret of the caves and why they were all drawn to this spot and opened his arms to Beth as she gently flew into them. They both turned and embraced Timmy.


The tall one looked at the other one and smiled! "So, what is your decision BILLY?"

Billy replied:

Chapter by Mayen

Chapter Thirteen

Billy replied "I'll do what I have to do..."

With that being said, Timmy turned to his sister and said:"Elizabeth,(he hardly EVER called her THAT...) "ever since this all started I had a feeling YOU were the "chosen one" to right the wrongs inflicted, not just on these people, but on all people everywhere".

Just then, there was a THUNDEROUS noise,and a Voice.... (no one was sure WHERE it came from...)

"Elizabeth!!! Your place is with us; to heal the wounds of the native peoples and to help others understand.But you DO have a choice: stay here with your friends and family, or come with us". Tearfully, Beth turned to her brother,Tim and to her friend, Jason, and said "I've always loved you and I still do, but can't you see I have other things to do?"

They all hugged each other and cried and then the Voice said: "Timothy! You will always have a special place in our heritage.You have helped where Jason has failed. Jason! You too will have a special place in our heritage for you have helped where Timothy has failed."

Beth, Tim and Jason hugged each other one last time, and there was another THUNDEROUS noise,and then, another Voice: "Timothy and Jason! For all that you have done for us-finding the Sacred Stone and bringing it back to it's rightful Place-You will always be allowed to visit your Sister and Friend!"

"Elizabeth! For all that you have done, helping your Brother and Friend, you will always be allowed to visit them."

The drumming now became louder as Tim and Jason realized they couldn't see Beth anymore.....

Chapter by Phillip

The End
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