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Fourth of July 1975, a day I'll never forget. My older brother Stan, my younger brother Joe, and I, decided to go to a local Carnival. We got the bright idea to stop off at a local Haunted Cemetary first. It was dusk, the sun was setting, and we parked just outside a narrow gravel path, lined with tall trees on either side. It used to be that cars could enter this gravel road, but it's now closed off to autos. This is the entrance to Bachelor's Grove, a notoriously haunted graveyard south of Chicago.

As you enter the gravel path on foot, you can still hear the traffic, but the eerie quality of the surroundings makes you feel isolated. Trees line either side of the path, and I found myself looking for something to jump out at me as we cautiously made our way towards the graveyard. All I am conscious of at this point is the noise of our feet on the gravel and the sound of our breathing. Did I mention that I always wear running shoes when I visit here? You just never know...

The path seems forever long, although it's not. An eerie feeling invades us, as we don't know what to expect, and our adrenalin is in high gear. The rustling of leaves and cracking branches to the left and right make us jumpy as we look towards the sounds in the trees to the left and right of the path. I tell myself it's only birds, or maybe a squirrel. Finally, we see the chain link fence to the right, the forest is to the left and all around us. I eye what's beyond the fence. There are gravestones peppered throughout the trees, not in any organized fashion. This is unlike any modern cemetary that I've known.

We walk beyond the chain link fence and survey the grounds. It's a real small cemetary, smack dab in the middle of a forest preserve. Old tombstones date as far back as the late 1800's, and several are toppled and some are defaced, the work of satanists, I later found out. We went from stone to stone and read what was still readable. I saw one that said "Infant Daughter" and another "Baby."

At one point, my brother Joe said, "Look! I want to go get a sandwich from this house." Stan and I looked past Joe's pointing finger and saw, through the trees, a small white house set back in the woods, and because it was growing darker, we also saw a glowing golden light coming from the 2 windows. I said, "I didn't see that house when we came in, maybe it's the caretaker's house?"

Stan said, "Joe, we'll get something to eat at the Carnival." We walked around a little more, it was 8:30pm, and growing darker so we decided to leave. We looked around and didn't see the house anymore! We looked and looked, turning in circles, and just couldn't see it!

That October, I read an article in a newspaper about Haunted spots around Chicago. I got major chills when I read that many people have reported seeing a disappearing house in Bachelor's Grove! It definitely rekindled my interest in the paranormal, as well as making sure that this wouldn't be my last visit to Bachelor's Grove.

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