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Chapter Four

The Move to Nevada

Mom and Dad rented a big UHAUL truck. They loaded all the furniture, for the five day trip from South Florida to Nevada. Mandy and I got to sit in the seat of the truck. Lady laid down on the floor. The furry things (hamsters) were put in special plastic traveling cases, that mom had bought for the trip. On the first night of the trip, mom checked the hamsters and they had started to eat the containers. She had to dig their cages out of the back of the UHAUL and put them in the little truck we were towing. Good thing they didn't get loose in the UHAUL or my big sisters might have had a snack!

The trip was pretty fun for me. Mandy was still jealous of me and fought to lay on mom's lap most of the way.

We would stop at the many rest areas along the way to eat and take a potty break. Everytime we stopped at these places everyone there would want to pet me. I liked stopping at these places. I was still a puppy at the time going on five months old. I had been partially housetrained and would go to the door when I had to go potty. Were's the door? We are traveling in a truck? I was confused, I had to go...real...bad!! Mom noticed I was jumping around and told Daddy I had to go. We were in the mountains in Arizona now, and their was nowhere for Dad to pull over. It was pretty cold in those mountains as well. Daddy said to hold me outside the window but Mom said "NO". She held me over my sister Mandy and I took a crap. Needless to say, Mandy was not happy. We soon were at the foot of the mountain and there was a gas station. Mom cleaned us all up in the bathroom at the gas station. That was the only accident I had the whole trip.

In no time we finally arrived in Nevada. Mom and Dad stayed the first week in a motel. Me and my two big sisters stayed in a kennel. I got to play with alot of dogs there. Mom found a house to rent and we all moved in.

Chapter Five

The Escape

Mom and Dad built a big doghouse in the backyard of the rental house for Lady and Mandy. Lady always had been a trouble maker. She loved to destroy things and dig holes. Mom had put me in the backyard with my big sisters and went in the house for a few minutes. When she came back out to get me I was gone!! She screamed to my Dad, "The baby is missing!" She ran out the front door of the house to look for me.

Yep, I was out and down the street I was going. I was visiting the yards and sniffing the grass and flowers along the way. It was an early Sunday morning and nobody was around. I hear this hysterical voice screaming, "Feather, Feather!" I turned around and there was my Mom, I ran to her. She was really happy.

Then she went to check how I got out of the yard. The backyard had a block wall all around it except the area behind the doghouse. That area had a wood fence. She noticed the back of the doghouse had been pushed out, and Lady had dug a hole. Just big enough for a curious pup like me to get out.

I will be adding more Chapters of my life, so come back again soon!!

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