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Welcome to Feather's "Tails"

A Little About Me and my breed

Hi... my name is Feather. I am a Toy Poodle,11 years old and I have had alot of things happen in my life that I would like to share with you. But first let me tell you a little about Poodles.

Toy Poodles are the smallest of the three sizes. The other sizes are Miniature and the Standard (the biggest).

Some people call us French Poodles, but we are not a breed that originated in France, we are actually a German breed.

The Standards were bred to retrieve birds in water. The funny clip that you see above had a real purpose, to protect the vital parts of their bodies from the cold water when retrieving birds and a little less hair to dry when wet.

Toys like me, were bred strictly as companion dogs.

Click on the poodle image below to see a picture of me.

Chapter One

The Beginning

I was born June 2 1988 somewhere in the midwest in a place called Kansas. One day I was laying next to my mom and my other litter mates and a person came and took me away and put me in a crate all by myself. It was really scary not having anyone with me. I had never been alone before and I was so little.They had a bunch of other kinds of puppies in crates all different breeds. This person took me and the others to a place they call an airport and put us on a plane to Florida.

We arrived at the airport in Florida and a lady named Luann came to pick us up and put us in a van for a drive to a kennel.When we got to the kennel I had been in the crate so long that I had gone potty. I had it all over me yuck!! One of the ladies there took me and gave me my first bath.Then I was put in a large cage by myself. I wasn't sure what this place was,they had all kinds of puppies and big dogs also. I sat there not knowing what to do. They had this bottle with water in it attached to the cage and it was getting me all wet. I sat there feeling very sick and hungry wishing I was still with my mom drinking her warm milk.

Luann noticed I wasn't looking very good and had me put in the hospital that was connected to the kennel. Again I'm put in a cage but this time with a needle in my leg giving me food. I started feeling a little better. Luann would come and check up on me when she had time. She had found out from the vet that I was hypoglycemic. That meant I needed sugar, they were giving me stuff called Dextrose. Luann knew I needed to get out of the hospital to really get better so she took me out. She asked a kennel worker named Becky if she would take me home and make me better. It was the same lady that gave me my first bath!!

Becky did take me home to nurse me back to health. I was getting food every two hours feed to me by a syringe. I was gaining weight by the day, and then finally starting to eat from a dish. Becky brought me back to the kennel after a few weeks. I still needed more attention than the other puppies but I didn't get it. Becky found out and took me home again. Finally the man that ran the kennel asked her if she wanted me. She told him yes and I had a home!! YIPEE!!

Chapter Two

My New Family

I had a permanent home now, so I needed a name. My dads name was Tiny Troubles, so my human mom (Becky), decided to name me Tiny Troubles Little Featherweight aka Feather. She calls me "The Baby" or "Monkey" most of the time tho. She says I remind her of a little monkey she saw at a Zoo once. I come to Monkey or Baby more, cause when she calls me Feather I've done something bad usually. Oh yeah... This chapter was supposed to be about my new family!! Tee Hee!!

In my new home, I have two big dogs for sisters Lady was the oldest she was 8 years old, Mandy was the youngest 4 years old, until I came along. Both of them were shepherd mixes. Then mom had a pigeon and these two little furry things smaller than me called hamsters. The little furry things were neat. Mom would put them in a plastic clear ball and they would roll it around the floor and I would follow it. That was fun!!

My big sister Mandy was very jealous of me since I was the baby of the family now. Mom did not let the big ones around me to much since I was so tiny and weak.

Chapter Three

My Road to Recovery

I still had alot of weight to gain and to learn how to eat right. On 9/17/88 I weighed 18 ounces by 9/24/88 I weighed 24 ounces. I had also learned how to eat from a bowl. Mom used to feed me human baby food with Nutrical a supplement to help me gain weight. She used to take me to the kennel with her and to her other job.

I liked going back to the kennel and followed mom all around. I noticed that poodles that were a week younger than me were bigger already.

Mom would bring me out to our front yard at home, in this stuff called grass for me to go potty. One day I felt real itchy then I noticed this brown bug thing on me YUCK! Mom found it and others and put stuff on me to kill them. She called them fleas.

Mom stopped bringing to the kennel. I got sick again, this time it was called Kennel Cough. Mom was worried, they had already sold the house and were moving to a place called Nevada. She hoped that my two big sisters wouldn't get sick. I got better and my big sisters never did get sick. Mom found a new home for the pigeon. She bought special traveling containers for the furry things. Mom and Dad rented a big truck and packed everything in there. We were ready to move.