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Chapter Ten

As they near the little green man, his appearance becomes more apparent. The group is a little taken aback....but still unafraid because they know he means them no harm. Mrs. O'Reilly cannot take her eyes off this little green man for some reason, but has not pinpointed it just yet.... as he reaches out to help her up the ramp, she got the memory of her grandfather and the way he used to always help her up the stairs when she was but a little one. Pete is wondering about this Greenall place but does not know if he should ask or not....but forgets that thought when he sees Mrs. O'Reilly and the little green man sitting together. He had never seen Mrs. O'Reilly look so happy before in all his life.

Barbie does not know what to think of the little green men and is worried if she will be back for her date on Friday night. Curiosity got the best of Pete, and he moved to go sit with the little green man and Mrs. O'Reilly.

As he gets closer to them, Mrs. Reilly tells Pete, "Pete we are the luckiest people. Talk to this man for a minute and see if you notice anything."

So Mrs. O'Reilly gets up to leave Pete and the little green man alone just as the spaceship was about to land. This made her almost fall and before she knew it, her dress had flown up and over her head again. They all hear the voice of the little green man tell them that a whole group of green ones are waiting on them and that the next 10 minutes would make their trip worthwhile. As the doors open to the spaceship, they couldnt believe their eyes. No wonder this place was called Greenall. Everything was green. Everything! The sky was the most beautiful shade of emerald green Barbie had ever seen, and she couldn't notice anything but the sky. The dirt was a lighter green than the grass, which was not really grass but, well they couldn't decide what it was. It looked like grass but was almost as soft as cotton to walk on and touch.

Once off the spaceship, as they stepped onto Greenall, Mrs. O'Reilly turned to Pete. "Did you ever figure out what I was talkin about with that green man over there?'

Pete had come to the conclusion that he had never met anyone quite like Mr. O'Reilly, her grandfather and well this green man surely did remind Pete of him, but he didnt want to bring up any memories for her. She finally looked at him with this amazed look,

"Pete!! How could you not see it? That is my dear Pappy!!"

Just as she said that, a little green woman came up to Pete. She looked alot like the little green man, no mouth and very short.

"Pete I am so glad you came to see us. We have missed you so much!" Pete knows this voice very well.

Although his mother had died years ago, he could never have forgotten that voice. He just started crying.

"We have been watching over the family and this new baby, we just had to bring you up here to see him."

"Well Mom," Pete starts, "We do not know if it is a him yet."

And the little green woman just laughs. "That is true... but we know, ya see."

About that time, Mary lets out a big scream. Pete, knowing that no one here means any harm, jumps and runs over to Mary. Seems Mary has gone into labor. Pete just looked over at his mom. He never thought he would ever see her again and even though this was a little green woman, he knew it was her. Mary had a beautiful bouncin baby boy...they were offered to return back to earth now that Pete's mother had seen this miracle, but had decided to stay in Greenall, where everything was so beautiful and peaceful. And start a new life there.

author Angel


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