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Chapter One

The little girl ran up the big hill as fast as her little legs could take her. Just as she reached the top she let the kite go and she squealed with joy as it flew up with the wind. She let the string pull through her little hands as the kite kept going higher and higher. She looked up at the bright colors of green and red and could barely see the dragon as the kite almost went out of sight.

Just as she was running out of string she could hear Felecia calling her name.

"Beverly, Beverly," Felecia hollered.

  "Oh, now what does she want" thought Beverly. "I can't do anything without her looking for me."

Felecia had been looking for Beverly ever since breakfast and now it was almost lunch time.

"Why didn't you wait for me Bev?" asked Felecia.

"I wanted to be by myself is all." Answered Beverly.

"You know mama said for us not to come this far from the house alone."

"I know it" said Beverly, "but I just wanted to be by myself for awhile."

Felecia helped Beverly get her kite string wound up on the stick and they started down the big hill when all of a sudden they saw a big car drive up in front of their old house.

Felecia pulled on Beverly and they both dropped to the ground.

"What's wrong with you," asked Beverly.

"Don't you recognize that car," it's Aunt Bertha and her five kids," said Felecia.

"Oh,no" ! exclaimed Beverly.

The two girls knew what that meant. Every summer Aunt Bertha brought her five kids and dropped them off at her sisters house so she could run around all summer.

Their mother was such a loving person and just couldn't say no to her older sister.

"Well, we can't sit here all summer, can we"? Asked Beverly.

"I guess not", said Felecia.

Chapter by~Lady47~

Chapter Two

"Wow, do you remember that summer?", laughed Felicia, as she popped open an icy cold beer. She and Beverly had snuck a couple into the cooler, even though drinking was not allowed on the beach.

On the radio, that old Doors tune "Touch Me" had just started to play. Felicia reached over to turn it up a notch.

Thirty-five years had passed since that summer of 1964, when Bev was only 7, and Felicia 9. Although they had their share of squabbles in their younger days, they now shared many great moments together, and watched as Bev's two children, Mike (age 8) and Olivia (age 10) frolicked in the waves.

With those years had come the comforting knowledge that the sibling rivalry of their younger years was but a learning experience for them both, a way to grow. Through it all, they had always trusted each other competely, and still did.

"Remember how we lost our bedrooms every summer so our cousins could have them?", asked Felicia. "And we ended up sharing the guest bedroom with those silly bunk beds!"

The sun shined warmly today, and the ocean breeze blew gently. Sunlight glinted off the crests of the gentle waves. They liked to come down to the beach to look at the vastness of the horizon, for it put any problems they had into their proper persepective.

"Oh, Felicia," laughed Bev. "I wonder what our cousins are doing now?" Since they moved to Florida in '68, we haven't heard much from them."

"Well, I spoke to Aunt Bertha....", started Felicia, just as she heard the shrieks of some children nearby. As the two women stood up, they saw that a crowd had gathered on the beach, and were pointing to something in the water.

Bev's two children had gone into the surf only minutes before. Her heart beat furiously as she ran to the water's edge. Felicia was only a few steps behind her.

They both gasped with relief as they spotted Mike and Olivia among the crowd. But then they saw what the crowd was pointing to, and Bev said........

Chapter by~snml34~