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Chapter Three

.."What in the world?" Felicia squinted her eyes against the sun rays bouncing off the water and said, "It looks like a dragon! Oh it must be a childs water toy that got away from them."

The crowd began to grow now with the parents coming to see what had started their children shrieking, The buzzing of, "What is THAT?" grew loader as the "dragon" came closer to the shore. Suddenly the "dragon" stood up ad it was clear to everyone that it was no a water toy but an elaborate costume with someone in it! A voice from within said," Bev I have brought you back your dragon that was ruined in 1964." Bev and Felicia, although not recognizing the male voice, did recognize now that the dragon was the same as the one on Bev's kite all those many years ago.

The "dragon" discarded his costume and the girls realized that it was their cousin Sidney, Aunt Bertha's son! After the pleasantries were over, Bev said that she   had been talking to Aunt Bertha and she had told her that Sidney was now an executive for IBM and would be in the area during the same time the girls and their families would be vacationing at the old beach house the IWANNA.

"Why the dragon, and what did you mean Sidney about it being ruined?" asked Bev. Sidney remined them of that summer of "64" where his four older siblings hd ruied Bev's kite early on their stay that year. How, Tom, Rich, Jake and Zak drove everone crazy and had picked on Sidney so muc that he began o stutter and stammer and was convinced that he would never amount to anything. "Oh... yes...that's right" said Bev and Felicia in unison.

Sidney went on to explain how their mother Rachel showed him with love and affection, something he was rarely shown, and kept bringing him out to look at the name of the cottage IWANNA, and told him that it meant that he could be anything he wanted to be in life and that the stammering and stuttering would go away if he just kept tellig himself "IWANNA"...the magic of the word will get you through Sidney as long as you believe it will." said Aunt Rachel.

They all got up from the dining room table and went outside to look at the old name plate. The girls hadn't even noticed it whe the arrved this year. They were just s happy to be back at the beach house. It had been 10 years since they had been there. Rachel had sold the beach house 10 years ago when their father had become ill and had to pay for his care at the home.

It had sadden Beverly and Felicia to lose that charming cottage by the sea which they had grown to love over those many years, cousins and all! They had wanted to share the joys of the beach and the dunes and the old rickety beds and rocking chairs on the porch and the sound of the waves softly in the distance, but most of all, the "secret" with their children but that was not to be.

The IWANNA glistened in the moonlight and the girls were taken aback, for it was an old wooden hand carved sign that their father Philip had repaired all those many, many years ago, how could it glisten so beautifully? Bev turned to Felicia and asked her how she was able to rent the cottage this year. Felicia said, "It was the strangest thing, I received a letter from the rental agency explaining that they had discovered that our family was the second family to own the cottage, and that after Mama sold it, for many years whenever the cottage was sold the new owners never even stayed a full summer and put it back on the market as soon as possible. This year they said it had once again been sold (about the 9th time since Rachel sold it) and the new owner asked about the original owners.

The first coupleto own and build it wer deemed very strange by the beach community. Tracy and Spencer Watson were in their middle years when they built the house. They had the only winterized house on the beach, for they lived there all year round, which spooked the summer people for whatever did they do all winter long? Their children and grandchildren would come in the early spring and visit and that was it.

They all lived so far away from where they were born and raised, most lived on exotic islands. They never returned when their parents died. The realtor went on to explain that when the original owners passed away, they died on the same day, their children put the cottage up for rent. For may years, it lay abandoned, the renters would stay a day or two and move out! No explainations...just that they didn't like the cottage.

One day Rachel and Philip came to look at the cottage wih their two small daughters Felicia and Beverly. Their intent was to rent it for the summer but by the second week they asked if it was available for sale. Needless to say the remaining family members of the original owners sold it to them without hesitation for a paltry sum. That began the wonderful summers for their little family.

"OK, OK... Felicia, I got that part, but why us? Why now and why would the new owner want us to be here?" As Felicia shrugged her shoulders, Sidney wrapped his arms around both of them and told them he was the new owner, that his life had reached a point, success and all, that he neede to feel love once again and the only place he ever truly felt love was here at IWANNA with them and Aunt Rachel and Uncle Philip and the "secret."

They hugged and waked back to the cottage and their breath was taken away for....................

Chapter by Mayen