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Chapter Four

They hugged and walked back into the cottage and their breath was taken away for a moment when the sisters fully realized that the cottage was once again owned by a member of their family.

Bev & Felicia watched as Sidney moved about the room while he continued to speak of days gone by & summers shared.

"...and remember Dandy Dan's General Store? we'd get so excited when we got the 'winner' from the old gumball machine! remember? the yellow gumball with the red stripe that was redeemed for a free penny's worth the candy!"

"wow!"exclaimed bev, "you do have total recall!" they all laughed!

Bev hadn't had a chance to be alone with her sister since sid's arrival. there was something she couldn't put her finger on about her cousin. Eerie? Strange? Eccentric? whatever it was , she felt uncomfortable despite the outward warmth & exuberance he was displaying.

"Does Felicia feel it too?" she wondered.....

Chapter by Witchyway

Chapter Five

Bev, trying to get some 'alone' time with Felicia....suggested to Sidney that he go to the bay and catch some blue they could have a feast!

"What a wonderful idea", Sidney responded! "It won't take me long with this basket....I'll be back in no time, why don't the both of you join me?"

"No, no, Sidney! We'll stay here and tidy things up and get ready for the crab go ahead along"....Bev urged.

He gathered his basket, net, and some bait that was always kept in the freezer....and left in a big hurry....very excited about the crab feast and having some of his family together again.

They waited until they heard the all-too-familiar sound of the shutting of the screen door.

"Felicia, what do you think?" asked Bev.

"About what? The crabs? You know I love them!"

"No Sis! Sidney! Haven't you noticed anything strange about him? Nothing real obvious, but something is just not quite right there....I can't put my finger on it....but feel very uncomfortable" Bev stated, as she was looking around the cottage.

"Do you think he knows the secret?"...Felicia was getting a little nervous herself now.

"Well, I thought we were the only ones, but maybe he Does somehow know! Do you think 'they' told him? And why wouldn't he have mentioned it to us?"

The spirits of Tracy and Spencer Watson had visited the young girls often.....always friendly, never frightful. They played games with the girls, and made them promise to never tell anyone about their little secret. Bev and Felicia loved the Watson ghosts....and couldn't wait to return each all the glories of the cottage.....and to their playmates.....the Watsons!

Could this be the secret Sidney is carrying around? Or was his strange personality due to the lack of love from his mother and four mean brothers. The girls were discussing it....when suddenly.....

Chapter by Penny

Chapter Six

They heard this strange noise seemed to be coming from up stairs.They both looked at each other,Felicia said Bev you don't suppose after all these years?

They both headed for the stairs.They slowly climbed the stairs to see if what they were both thinking could really be true incredible!!

They were half way up the stairs when they heard the screen door slam and Mike Bev's son said where is everyone Olivia chimed in and said mom we're hungry.

Bev's and Felicia listened and the noise they heard had stopped so they went down stairs and said here we are.Sidney has gone to get some blue crabs when he comes back we will eat.

Just then they heard what seemed to be a growl a deep throaty growl.Olivia looked at Mike then back at her mom and said mom I'm scared what was that? Bev didn't want to frighten them so she said I didn't hear anything did you Felicia? Felicia shook her head no must have been your imagination she told Olivia.

She quickly said tell you what go get an apple both of you and we'll walk down towards the bay and see what Sidney is up to maybe we can give him a hand. Felicia and Bev were only too glad to get out of the house why they didn't know but something was not right.

As they left and the screen door closed..........They looked up and the wooden sign that their dad had carved so many many years ago it was swinging wildly and seemed to glow.The letters seemed to blink IWANNA>>>>IWANNA>>>>IWANNA.

The children hadn't noticed so Bev and Felicia hurried them along towards the bay......

Chapter by Pianoman

Chapter Seven

The children hadn't noticed so Bev and Felicia hurried them along towards the bay......

At the beach, Sidney was just pulling in the net and was acting preoccupied and nervous as he worked.

"Bev...Felicia", he stammered. "I need to talk with you about's about Dr. Bonner."

Felicia was stunned. "What do you know about Dr. Bonner?", she blurted.

Sidney looke Felicia in the eyes, "That's the main reason I got us all to together, sis. I got a call from him and he says you two have stopped coming to see him. He said that the delusions and hallucinations all have to to with the trauma you both suffered that summer so long ago. And he said that until you face what happened and come to grips with it, you will never get well. I knew I had to bring you here to help you both face that secret we've all been keeping all these years. I've dealt with it but Dr. Bonner says the the two of you came up with this wild fantasy in your minds to help you cope with what happened and now it taken over your whole lives. I hated to bring the kids into this but it was the only way o get you two here."

Sidney stood up, dropping the net and spoke in a deep stern voice that showed his concern, "It's time for my sisters to face the truth!"

Felicia was the first one to speak.....

Chapter by Michael