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Chapter Eight

Felecia said, "Sidney we are not hiding anything."

"What we told the Doctor is true, if he chose not to believe it.....well we can't help that." Bev replied.

The Watson's ghosts had told Bev, Felecia, and Sidney, they had been murdered. By whom they were not quite sure, for some reason they didn't want to tell them or diidn't know.

Bev and Felecia's mom sold the house and they moved before they could find out. She was concerned that the girls were getting obsessed with the idea of the Watson's ghosts. Before she died she had asked Sidney to promise to help the girls.


Jeff, was looking at the beach house with binoculars from the top of the dunes. "Those same girls!" he muttered. "What are they doing back here, they must know something."

Jeff was the Watson's youngest son. When they had passed away, he was still in jail. Not very many people even knew the Watson's had a son named Jeff. They never spoke of him, he was the black sheep of the family. In and out of jail most of his teens, and almost all his adult life. He was the reason they stayed secluded in the beach house even in winter.

"I've got to get my stuff I have stashed in that darn beachouse."

"They just might have to meet the same fate as my parents." he said with a laugh...........

Chapter by Becky

Chapter Nine

he said with a laugh………

Closing the cover,

I slid the Galley proof across the table, watching it slide a long way, wondering how we ever got an immense table like this in the building. My God, you could land an airplane on it! One thing about Harry, Tom, Mayen and Luckylady Social Books, INC., they had MONEY, to burn.

"Sheila, would you be kind enough to see to it, everyone has the fresh galleys all around"

Glancing around the table, watching my assistant Von, pass out the projected sales and updated finished goods delivery date, I knew this was going to be a big time best seller, for a children's book. Maybe not a Harry Potter equal, but close to it! But I pondered, how Von could continue to wear the same black on red bowtie, everyday with a different suit, was beyond me. But a better assistant, there was none.

"Ok, Michael, Becky, what about the cover? The Dragon cover, or the cabin cover?" Michael was just the genius, for putting the fantasy face, on a jacket and making it fit the story. He should! He spends all day reading comic books, when he thinks no one is paying him attention. And Becky, my God that woman can talk Dungeons and Dragons all day long. You need a hearing aid just to turn the decibels down! But Becky's skill with a paintbrush was just this side of Renoir. Michael blurts out "I can make it work in a circle with bright reds and still have the title overlay"

"That's ridiculous Mikey, you'll scare the shorts, right off the kids!" replies Becky!

"Lets relax people. Give me a proof of both and we will all vote on it" Having a children's book that already has 600,000 preorders has us all a little shaky.

"Cher, did you happen to ask Nelson where he was taking this story?" Cher was the best liaison to the author we had. The fact that Nelson was single and lonely and Cher has skirts so tight, she looked like saran wrapped rump roast, didn't hurt either!

"I asked him Marlene, he said we would just have to wait and see"

"OK, then lets get Sue on the telly with the Jacket Writers and work up 4 or 5 samples we can run with, once he sends the finished galleys. Do we have his latest pictures Penny?" Penny is the kind of researcher you can count on to be ahead of the curve.

"Yes Marlene, they are right in front of you, in the Authors Folder"

"Ah yes, I have them now. Seems to me this handsome young man should be attached, don't you think ladies? I mean rich, good looking, single, what else is there?"

"Well there is the stuttering and the twitching" says Cher, a giggle slipping from between her lips.

After a loud knocking on the conference door, Ayla steps in and says "UPS just delivered the latest galleys Marlene. I though you would want them right away!"

"Yes, Thank you Ayla, pass them around and call Nelson and thank him for being so timely"

I grasped the newest galley, wiping my hand across my upper lip, thinking I have lost all my lipstick by now, I started reading right where Jeff was laughing………

Chapter by Nels