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Chapter Seven

...Gaynor, with a slight nod of his head, trotted off into the misty distance. I felt a sharp pang of disappointment from Susan's heart, for she had so much hoped that Gaynor would heal her little boy.

Just then, Susan and I felt the very slightest vibration. It continued to build until it formed into the vibration of sound, and vibrated ever faster until it became the energy of pure Thought. And the Thought was,

~~"Mommy 's love for you can do miracles, I promise!"~~

It echoed against the canyons, it flowed into the rivers and the seas. It caressed the buildings, the automobiles, all of the creations of Man. It gently embraced mankind, along with all of the creatures of the earth, and the creatures of the sea.

Susan turned and looked at me in surprise, for those were her words to her son just a few moments earlier. And, yet, those words were filled with such awesome power that the Thought seemed to have transformed our very reality.

As Susan and I looked around, we noticed how the beautiful old firs and oaks smiled and danced with the wind. Above us, the moon and the stars seemed to draw closer and closer, until we seemed to be surrounded by the warm and loving embrace of the Universe itself.

Right at that moment, I felt a small drop of moisture running down my craggy face, and I realized that, for the first time since the earth was formed, I was weeping great tears of Joy.

Before me, I saw Gaynor reappear and nod his head once more. Upon his back sat Cameron, healthy and strong, and laughing with the pure Joy that until this Moment only a child could know.

Susan turned to me, and.........

Author Sue

Chapter Eight

Susan turned to me and ...her eyes were welled up with with elephant tears of joy and relief.

"Thank you," Susan said without actually speaking and she ran towards Gaynor, swept little Cammy off of his back and embraced as if they had been apart for years.

As Susan embraced Cameron with that type of love, pure love only a mother can know, Gaynor and I looked upon them wondering if they really knew what had just occurred. Gaynor replied, "Yes, indeed they are."

Gaynor trotted over to mother and son still locked in an embrace, and spoke. "Susan, Cameron, many of the earths secrets have been revealed to you today."

Susan replied, still in tears of joy, "Oh yes, I know! I know! I know that my love for Cameron is what brought you to me! I know that my pure and unconditional love for my son has opened a door somehow that has been closed for nearly all of time. I know! I know!"

Gaynor and I were so relieved she was able to grasp what was happening! Somebody out there knows the key! The key is--- Pure and unconditional love can heal the world and bring the world together in peace!

Gaynor still had one more secret, and asked Susan to close her eyes while he revealed one more secret.

As Susan waited enthusiastically with her eyes closed for Gaynor to reveal the next secret, Gaynor lifted his ivory white right hoof and gently placed it on her shoulder. Only, Susan did not feel a hoof on her shoulder, she felt the loving touch of a normal hand, the hand of an adult and gentle man.

"Susan, do not open your eyes, this is the only way I can appear to you."

"Rob?!, is that you!" Susan said with great excitement.

"Yes, Susan, I am here, but only for a few moments."

Rob had died from pneumonia when they were school aged and Susans life had not been the same since. She missed her brother so much and that is the reason she brought Cameron to the rock in the first place, to hopefully be able to really show her own son who uncle Rob was and be able to share what kind love of they had for each other and to somehow bring the two people she loved most to know each other in some way, even tho they had never met.

"Oh Rob! I have missed you so much!"

"And I have missed you dear, sweet Sister," Rob said.

"This is your nephew, Rob," Susan said.

"And a fine young man he is!...Susan, I must go now..."

"Rob!, No, We haven't had a chance to.."

"Remember, My love always with you Susan...." And as quickly as he had appeared, Rob was gone.

Susan opened her eyes and Gaynor was gone. She walked over to me, layed her soft cheek onto my side and with a teary smile whispered "I know, I know".

Although this time Susan could not hear my repeated attempts to reply to her, I was happy...and so was she.

I gazed at the 2 of them as they packed up and headed back down the hill, knowing they would never return during their lifetimes, but just knowing someone knew the secret brought hope that the rest of the world could know too.

I am Ancient.

Author Naji