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Chapter Four

The Princess, the silly blue frog, and Louie the star-struck lizard began their journey to see the Wizard. Along the way, they ran into the Queen, who was gathering some flowers from her garden.

"What is the trouble, Princess, Blue Frog, and Louie the Lizard? You all look so worried," said the Queen.

"The King wants me to make a Blueberry Pie out of one of my friends here," replied the Princess. "He also thinks that cooking is my only talent," she added.

"Don't you know that the King would rather give up Blueberry Pie than to have three of his subjects be so sad?" said the Queen.

"Go on, now," she said. "Hurry and see the Wizard." She is the wisest in the Kingdom, and she'll know exactly what to do. Why, I've heard it said that she must be an angel!"....

author Sue

Chapter Five

Soon after leaving the Queen, the sky darkens and a chilling wind comes up. "Come on, hurry and we can make it to the foothill caves before the rain starts!" said the Princess.

So off they ran, hopped and slithered, trying to beat the fast approaching storm. Soon all 3 are panting, but the wind was starting to throw stinging drops of rain at them and no one wanted to stop to catch their breath.

Blue Frog, spotting the cave first, croaks, "Hurry up, we're almost there!"

The princess, being of such a kind nature, reaches down and scoops up both Louie and Frog and sprints into the cave just as the torrent begins to fall in earnest.

"Put me down, put me down", squeeks Louie. "Your holding too tight."

The Princess gently sets both of her companions down, and begins to move around the wall of the cave.

"Look!" she cries. "There is another section back here."

But before she can move more than two feet in that direction, there comes to everyones ears a noise like leaves scraping against a glass window, and clacks like that of the hounds nails on the wooden floor of the hall. Then an enormouse dark bulk moves into sight, and the Princess draws in her breath sharply as a great head swings their way through the dark cavernous entrance.

"Hello Princezzz", comes hissing from the dragons jaw, "I am Snork and my master has forseen your journey and bid me to wait for you here".

The dragon extends his left foreleg and flexes his muscles, causing them to ripple, and his shiny purple scales to tinkle against each other musically. The Princess sees many thorny spines running the length of its back, and stares in terror at the size and beauty of it. Then, looking around, she spots Blue Frog crouching under a leaf and shaking like jelly, and Louie laying still as death across a camouflaging stone.

"Well, no help there", she thinks to herself. So she raises her head proudly (remember, she IS from a monarch's line) and says, with only a tiny quiver to betray her fear, "Who is your "master" and why has he sent you here?"

Snork snorts through his blunt snout and a sulpherous cloud blows into the Princess' face, momentarily blinding her. When she can see again, she nearly lets out a scream, for Snork is now standing up to his full height, only inches in front of her.

"My massster is named 'Asshar" and you know her azz the 'wizzzard of Ogh'," hisses Snork, "And she has sent me to ..."

author Angel™

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