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Chapter Six

"My massster is named 'Asshar" and you know her azz the 'wizzzard of Ogh'," hisses Snork, "and she has sent me to find you. You have to pass the test before you can further your journey to see the Great Wizzzard."

Well the Princess just doesn't know what to think. And looking over at Blue Frog and Louie the Lizard, well they are no help right now. And the Princess Malinda does not want to do anything to upset this dragon, so she has no other choice but to do the test he asks of her.

"Ok. We are in a bind here, and I really must get to see the Wizard, so I will do anything you ask of me" says the princess with great fear in her voice.

Snork paces back and forth in front of the Princess, which just terrifies her. After a few minutes of tormenting her like this, he finally speaks up. "The Great Wizzzard wants you to answer a question. If you answer the question correctly, you will be granted permission to further your journey and stand before her. BUT," the dragon pauses, looks Princess Malinda directly in the eyes with a cold stare that seemed to last forever before finally finishing his sentence, "If you do not answer correctly, I am to take you with me, and the Great Wizard of Ogh will have a Blue Frogberry-Lizard-Princess Pie for dinner."

Well the Princess did not know what to think about this. She looked over at Blue Frog and Louie the Lizard and they looked as if they were about to run out of the cave. So Princess Malinda spoke up quickly to show her friends everything would be ok.

"Well I really don't have to do this. You know I am the King's only daughter and with it being dark, when I do not show up soon, he will have his men out here looking for me. But I promised him something and I never break a promise to my father. I really need to see The Great Wizard. Go ahead and ask me any question you want, I can answer anything."

So Snork walked around Princess Malinda for a few seconds, got back in front of her, and said, "This is the question you must answer.."

author Angel

Chapter Seven

"You must be truthful" hissed Snork...."or you will be dessssssert!" he hissed.....smacking his lips.....tapping his fingers......and for sure Malinda could see a twinkle in his eye!

She shuddered at the thought. "I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the help me Susie".....she stately firmly.

Snork looked puzzled at the Susie part, but let it go without comment. The blue frog and Louie were just as bewildered! But just rolled their eyes....and kept quiet.

  "Ok is your question.........what is your recipe for frogberry pie!"

Good grief, she that all? You mean I wasted all this time worrying about this and that's the stupid question! Suddenly she became very brave....having had just about all of this that she could stand. "Ok, Snork-o.....let me tell you....just for the record, okay!......I am sick and tired of all this cooking stuff.....that's all I do.....cook, cook , and cook some more! Don't you think I'd like to do something else? Don't you think I'd like to go out dancing.....or to a club....and why don't I have my own cell phone? I'm a Princess, for Susie's sake! And look at this idiotic dress they make me wear! Good Susie! It looks like Cinderella's! Why can't I have a slinky black silk sheath? I'm 35 years old biological clock is ticking!"

Blue Frog and Louie are beside themselves at this unexpected outburst from this our sweet, precious Princess Malinda? Ranting and raving!!

"And another thing, you puckered purple prune dare you threaten me and my two friends have them so scared.....well,......just look at Louie over there!......he's quivering in his little lizard boots!

"But....but" Snork started!

"But nothing!" Malinda snapped back......she was on a pretty good roll by now, and there was no stopping her........"Do you know what it's like to slave over a hot stove all day....mixing, beating, kneading, baking! Good Susie, what I wouldn't do to just be able to go outside and a bikini.........and maybe meet a Prince, for Susie's sake."

Well, by now, Snork just doesn't know exactly what to do.....she didn't in particularly answer the question, but was perfectly honest in her answer....should he let her through? Should he cook them up for dessert? Fire comes from his snout.....indecision does him that way......and his eyes turn yellow with red dots in the middle.....frustration does him that way....and suddenly his head starts spinning around and around......until the midst of all this commotion........a pink cloud of smoke appears......and out of the smoke.......walks none other than........The Wizard of Ogh herself!

"Silencccccccccceeeee!!!!!!" Her voice roared! Malinda and Blue Frog were huddled together trembling....but Louie had an accident....and they wouldn't let him huddle with them.

"What is going on here?"...she demanded.

Well, Malinda stepped forward....mustering up all of her courage........."I'll just tell ya, Miss Wiz...."

author Penny

Chapter Eight

"....I have had it! First I spend my whole life cooking! Then I finally decide to go for some adventure in my life by helping out frog & stinky over there! but noooooo-ooo! am I having fun yet???? "

Now melinda was pacing back & forth! "...Then Snork decides I'm desert if I don't give up the frog pie recipe! Some adventure this is! And then you appear in a puff of smoke & want to know whats going on here? I'm basically a nice person! granted...I live a life of mindless servitude but all that's about to change, by Susie! "

"What did you say?" demanded the wizard! Melinda drew a deep breath & began again, "....I have had it! First I spend my.."

"No,no,no! Puh-leeze!! Just the last part ok!", boomed the Wiz of Ogh

"Oh," Melinda sighed, "You mean the part about"... I'm basically a nice person! granted...I live a life of mindless servitude but all thats about to change, by Susie!"

"Granted!" proclaimed the Wiz! "Whatever you wish shall be done! "

"I dont get it", Melinda said scratching her royal head.

"Well hon," said the Wiz,"I run a little business on the side under my real name ,Susie! yeah, yeah I know! that's why I call myself Asshar!" the wizard laughed , then boomed,"Changes by Susie!" and with that twinkles of light swirled 'round Frog,and Louie, and Melinda....Then POOF!!!!

Melinda's eyes were wide with wonder as she looked down at her bikini clad body , then looked up into the most beautiful blue eyes of the man standing before her.

He smiled ,& said,"Frogg, James Frogg! in her majesty's service!" And just then they heard the song"Louie , Louie" playing as a rock star walked toward a particularly sunny spot in his lizard skin boots....

author witchyway

+*+* The End *+*+

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