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Chapter Seven

She stands there, helplessly watching the dogs rush towards her, knowing they are too close for her to run to safety. She can hear the rumbling growl they are emitting, and sees the anticipatory gleam in their eyes as the saliva drips from their gums.

Suddenly, a hand gets a crushing grip on her arm as she is roughly jerked back and nearly off her feet, and all but dragged back down the driveway. Trying her best to regain her balance and keep up, she looks over and sees that her rescuer is Jaun. He shakes his head slightly at her, and continues to run, pulling her along with him. They get to a car that has been left running, and Jaun pushes her towards the passenger's side and grabs the driver-side door and quickly gets in, jerking the shifter into drive. Kristen quickly follows suit, and Jaun makes the tires scream, so hard does he gun the engine, and Kristen sees her two abductors running into the street, a mere 3 feet away from their car.

"Get your head down!" yells Jaun.

She complies and then hears a gun shot and sees a puff of smoke rise from the car's dash, nearly in front of her nose.

"Maybe this is a bit more excite than I was really wanting" she thinks to herself. "Too late now, though."

Jaun tells her it is safe to sit up, and she quickly raises her head and looks back. But there is nothing to see, so she turns back around and nervously folds the hem of her skirt to have something to do with her hands.

"The plane departs in 15 minutes" Jaun explains. "So we have to hurry." He pulls up beside the curb, and shuts the engine off. Turning to look at her, she realizes that his eyes are a very deep blue, and his lashes are so long they somehow manage to touch his arched eyebrows.

"Come on, no time to lose."

She gets out, and he grabs her hand and moves towards the entrance at a fast walk, pushing past anyone who is standing in front of him. "Where are we going?" she asks.

"To Switzerland, a chateau in the barren alps of Trivoli" he replies. Looking at her, he smiles and says, "You will like it there. And as you may be there for a while, be glad that the government chose this as your "safe house". But there is no time now for any further explanations."

By this time, they have come to the boarding ramp for their flight, and join the late-comers who are entering the plane. They are shown to their seats, and with a sigh of relief Kristen removes her pumps, rubbing her left heal where she thinks she has a blister starting.

Jaun leans closer to her and says in a quiet undertone, "I'll need for you to give me the tapes now."

With a quick in-take of breath, she turns towards him, wondering how he could have known that she had the tapes with her. He smiles at her with genuine warmth and explains, "I recognized the cases when you opened your purse to pay for your prescription."

Blushing at her own naivity, she opens her purse, intending to give him the tapes. Before she can pull her hand out, her stomach flips over and the compartment lights flicker, as the plane drops and then stabilizes. With rising concern she looks out the window beside her, and sees another smaller, lighter jet, seemingly gliding along as an escort to the bigger plane.

"Damn, we've been intercepted!" Jaun growls through clenched teeth.

Knowing this is definitely more excitement than she can comfortably handle, she tries to clear the lump from her throat and then asks, "Intercepted? whom...............?"

author Angel™

Chapter Eight

At this point after all she had been through in the past few hours...Kristen began uncontrollably "sobbing". Jaun held her his his arms trying to console her. As he held her he realized... even though he was 20 years her senior, but after all these years of secretly watching over her -- he was in Love with her. They have been drawn together because of her need to simply try and get what she thought was.... 1 dishonest Chairman out of office and now the whole Defense Department was involved...Jaun can not lose her now. He has to be able to tell her his inner feeling before it's too late.

As the airline continues to Switzerland the smaller aircraft backs away, knowing that if a crash occurs all the secrets on the tape will be destroyed. Once she finally calmed down... which seemed like hours, he now proceed to tell her the rest of the story.

"Uh Kristen....there's something else I didn't mention," hoping there would be no need to. Not only are the Istanbul Turkey Liberalist after these tapes. There is also a faction of our own internal defense department that will do anything to get ahold of these tapes. I have been in communication with our government all along and I know that the Turkey Liberalist have been all killed at the mansion that we escaped from. Our CIA mercenaries went in and wiped out the whole group. But, now we have a whole new problem....the plane belongs to the group in our organization that is trying to overthrow our government and they know exactly where we are going. Even though I am able to hear the communication of what has happened in the USA -- I have no way of letting them know what is now transpiring. As far as they know we will be safely in Switzerland soon. They won't be here to help us."

The plane slowly transcends to the ground. Kristen, by now is so terrified that she cannot speak ... she is in utter shock. Jaun's mind is racing...he has a gut wrenching pain.... he has to think of a way to save this innocent girl from any more pain.

author Bobbi