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Chapter One

It was a warm muggy day in northern Oklahoma . Mary looked out the kitchen window of their little farm house to notice the sky getting darker by the minute.

"I just knew I should have sent Pete into town sooner for supplies." she said to her mother.

"Don't fret dear, they will be back soon." said her mother Dorothy.

Dorothy was concerned to, but didn't want to upset her daughter further, Mary was 8 months pregnant and the pregnancy had not been without complications. The town was over 25 miles away from the farm and they had left hours ago.

While driving to town Pete told his teenage daughter Barbie, " I will drop you at the mall and pick ya up in about an hour."

"Only an hour!" "C'mon Daddy, what can I do in an hour?" said Barbie.

"Just an hour, I promised your Momma we would not be long." Pete said in a stern voice.

He dropped Barbie of at the mall, and drove off to the market for the supplies.

Meanwhile... back at the farm, Mary heard a loud clap of thunder in the distance. She shuddered at the thought of bad storm. This was Oklahoma and bad storms were common this time of the year and so were.......

author Becky

Chapter Two


Meanwhile, here's what had been happening earlier in town. Before Barbie jumped out of her dads pick up truck, her dad, Pete handed her 5 dollars to get something from the snack shop inside the mall.

"Just 5 dollars?...C'mon dad, I really wanted to get that sweater I saw here last week. PLeeeease Daddy?"

"OK, honey, but just the sweater and that means you will have to do a little extra work with me this week on the farm"

"Of course Daddy, I promise!"

(Pete giggled inside to himself because he knew better, for he had heard his daughter's promises a thousand times before and handed her 20 more dollars anyway)

"Bye Daddy, see you in an hour" Barbie said.

"You better be right out front here when I get back. It looks like a storm is heading in and we have to get back before it starts or your Mother will be worried sick", Pete said sternly.

Barbie hopped out of the truck and sped to the mall entrance. Her best friend, Tammy worked at the Gap and got off work in 10 minutes and she thought they might stop and get an Orange Julias when she got off work.

Pete decided to stop at the feed store first since it was on his way to the market when he felt a sudden drop in the temperature and the wind began to pick up. Dark clouds were quickly heading in from the northwest and Pete began to wonder if he was going to be able to make it home before the storm hit. Pete pulled up in front of the feed store and there was his neighbor, Mrs. O'Reilly, walking out of the feed store with a big sack of chickenfeed in her arms. Just then, a huge gust of wind came up from behind Mrs. O'Reilly and blew her dress up over her head. In a panic, she dropped the sack of feed in a desperate attempt to pull her dress back down, and the sack split open when it hit the ground, spilling chicken feed all around her. Trying to hold in his laughter, Pete rushed over to lend her a hand.........

author Naji

Chapter Three

Mrs O'Reilly was fighting w her dress,& muttering to herself...."Not right, just not right!"

"Whats that, Mrs O'Reilly?" "Whats not right?"asked Pete as he guided the woman back into the store.

"The chickens...been behavin' strange Pete! And the eggs! every one I cracked today had blood in it! " "Has scared the bejeebers outta me! I 've heard stories about such goings on back when I was a child..."

"Blood in every egg? " Pete asked?"

"Yes sir!", she exclaimed,"Blood!"

"Just what were those stories about, Mrs O'Reilly?" ......

author witchyway

Chapter Four

"Well", Mrs. O'Reilly said to Pete."when I was a little girl on my grandfather's farm his hens started to lay eggs like crazy - they were in a frenzy - just laying egg after egg!"

Pete thought a minute - after all - Mrs. O'Reilly was not only the oldest townie but was known for her strange mutterings but Pete remembered her kindnesses to Mary since Mary became pregnant again so he stifled his laugh.

"Mrs. O'Reilly, that must have made your grandfather very happy to have all those eggs to sell!"

"SELL THEM" she screamed! "Why EVERY one of them had blood in them! My grandfather was so upset...I had never seen him ascared of or animal...but his hair turned white as snow and he took to his rocking chair muttering....'woe is me...alas...woe is me'...he had us frightened to death!" "I ain't seen nothing like it until now!"

Pete was now shaking his head....and the storm was coming in faster and faster...the winds were howling, the rain had started coming down in torrents...he was thinking of Barbie at the Mall and Mary and Dorothy would be worried sick by now...he really had to leave Mrs. O'Reilly to get Barbie and head on home! But being a kindly man he knew he had to gracefully offer Mrs. O'Reilly a ride home too. As he started to ask her if she needed a ride because he was leaving and truly had to get home quickly after picking up Barbie (forgetting all about her tale of the bloody eggs)

........Mrs. O'Reilly blurted out what her grandfather feared and it froze him in his tracks! "What are you saying --- you can't believe that ---- tell me again Mrs. O'Reilly". Mrs. O'Reilly said....

author Mayen