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Chapter Five

....Mrs. O'Reilly blurted out what her grandfather feared and it froze him in his tracks!

"What are you saying --- you can't believe that ---- tell me again Mrs. O'Reilly".

Mrs. O'Reilly said.... "Well Pete, I hate to say it agin', because it makes me sound like I done gone and lost my marbles, every dern one of em, and Lord knows, ya'll think so anyhoo..." she hesitated, drew a deep breath, and continued.

"My granpappy said those dern chickens had the strangest color of green under their wings, a green like this sky's astartin' ta turn."

As she said that a huge gust of wind picked up trash from the sidewalk and whirled it around and down the street. Pete grabbed her around the shoulders and led her into the pickup truck.

"Green under the wings?" sputtered Pete, "That's strange. Now, I never told anyone else this, but the last few years Mary and I have noticed the tips of rabbit ears with a weird green color, and we thought we was a-seein' things."

"Oh Pete," shivered Mrs. O'Reilly, "Somethin's strange goin' on aroun' these here parts for many years now, and aaah, granpappy, God blessun his soul, told me a story how's his 'ol friend Burt had seen lights in the sky one night as he was a-feedin' his horses....and..."

Pete looked up at the sky, which was growing greener by the minute. "Lissen, let me getcha home" he interrupted Mrs. O'Reilly, "now tell me about it on the way."

Pete was really worried about Barbie and had to get them both home. Little did he know that Barbie had hooked up with her friend Tammy at the mall, and didn't even notice her dad was late.

Pete started the truck, the rain was falling in torrents, the wind was swirling and the sky was an awful shade of green like those dern rabbit ears.

"Tell me more, Mrs. O'Reilly," his voice shook.

"Well, granpappy's friend Burt saw these lights in the sky as I was a-tellin' ya' and they were blinkin' green uns too." She looked out the side window to hide the fear from Pete and continued.

"Now then he aheard a sound like a whistle an' the lights came out of the sky and landed on Burt's property over near the pond there. Burt saw them lights a blinkin' all green an' all, right there on his own land."

"What the heck ya tryin' ta tell me Mrs. O'Reilly?" Pete asked anxiously. "What does this all hafta do with blood in chicken eggs and green wings and green rabbit's ears?"

They were now three blocks from Mrs. O'Reilly's house, and he had to hear this, but he had to get Barbie and get the heck home. The sky was a sick shade of green, making the whole story seem believable.

"Well Pete," she continued, "the damndest thing Burt ever saw happened next, and my granpappy said it scared him haffta death! As Burt approached the green lights he saw......

author Charmed

Chapter Six

Burt approached the green lights with great caution, for he had heard about them before, from generations gone by. It seemed that every 40 years or so, the same green lights would approach this quiet meadow in the Heartland. No one had ever been able to report back what they had seen, and Burt meant to correct that situation tonight.

As his eyes focused to the darkness of the starlit night, he saw that there was a metallic shape attached to those blinking green lights. What's more, there appeared to be a doorway on the side of the structure, and it was wide open. A brilliant, shimmering white light poured forth. It had taken Mrs. O'Reilly two full blocks to tell this portion of the story.

Pete said, "Mrs. O'Reilly, I'm very sorry, but could you please tell me the rest of this story as quickly as you can? That tornado is headed in our direction, and I still have to pick up Barbie at the mall!"

"Oh, hold your horses, Pete," said Mrs. O'Reilly.

But then, in a voice that betrayed her emotions, she said, "He slowly started up the ramp leading to the doorway, when he heard a voice call out. The voice said........

author Sue

Chapter Seven

Just as she was about to speak there was a terrible crash and the window of the pick up was shattered in a storm of glass causing Pete to stomp the breaks and veer off into the shallow ditch beside the road. As Pete tried to get control of his pounding heart, Mrs O'Reilly sat holding her face in her hand and sobbing. There in the front seat between them amidst a mass of broken glass and feathers and blood was a large white chicken. White except for the strange green glow from under it's wings.

Mrs O'Reilly began a sobbing scream. "They don't want you to know! Theey don't want you to know!', she choked out. She jerked open the door and began running through the tangled weeds and mud toward her home which was only a hundred yards or so from where they had stopped. Pete had no choice but to follow.

'Know What!' he blurted, panting for breath.

'Look!', Mrs O'Reilly screamed and she grabbed up a basket of chicken eggs from her dilapidated weather beaten front porch. 'It's horrible i i just couldn't say...', she cracked one of the eggs onto the dank wood of the steps of her home. And there, written in the bright glowing green yolk, in letters of blood, was the name 'Mary".

"I I I have to go, Mrs O'Reilly. I have to get Barbie...I have to get home.", Pete exclaimed in shocked disbelief and he stumbled for the pick up....

author Michael