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Chapter Eight

"I..I..I have to go, Mrs O'Reilly. I have to get Barbie...I have to get home.", Pete exclaimed in shocked disbelief and he stumbled for the pick-up....

He reached for the door and began to pull it open, but just then a sob from the porch reminded him that poor Mrs. O'Reilly lived alone. And so he turned and fought his way against the wind back to where the old spinster was huddled against the railing.

"Come on with me, Mrs. O'Reilly, you can come home with us", said Pete.

Mrs. O'Reilly lifted her head, and with a look of unspoken gratitude, allowed him to lead her to the passenger side of the truck. "A body shouldn't be alone on a night like this", she said. "There's bad things brewing in this storm. Ain't natural, not at all".

Pete glanced at his watch as he swing around and sped down the road. But it read that the time was only 4:00 p.m.! By the darkness around him, it must surely be 6:30 or later. What in tarnation was happening?

At the mall, Barbie had just pulled Tammy away from Jack, who was a nerd anyhow, and was trying to get her moving towards to exit, sure that her dad was gonna yell at her good for being so late. She lifted her hand to point to the truck, which she could see through the big windows as it wound it's way towards the entrance, when she stopped and stood, with mouth hanging open as if to speak, and stared with rounded eyes at the back of her hand. With a trembling fumble, she brought her left hand up and felt the back of her right hand, then looked around furtively to see if anyone had seen any of this.

"Whats wrong Barbie?" asked Tammy.

"My hand...... it's green!" cried Barbie, not knowing what this could mean. With a look of fright, she pushed her way through the people milling around in front of her, and ran out to meet her dad at the curbside.

At the farm, Dorothy brushed a few stray strands of hair back off of Mary's forehead as Mary drank the last of the warmed milk. "Now you try and get some sleep, child", she said. "Pete will be here any minute now."

After tucking the covers up closer to Mary's chin, she quietly backed out and pulled the door to. Going to the window, she watched as her breath steamed large circles on the cold glass. "Land sakes it's cold." she thinks to herself. Just then, over by that hill where nothing will ever grow, strange as that is in such a fertile land, she see's a dim glow moving in a slow circular pattern. And she cannot swear to it, but it sure seems as if that glow is a bit greenish! Just as she is moving over to the door, intending to get a better look, the house starts to shake, and she can faintly hear a...

author Angel™

Chapter Nine

Dorothy could here the faint hum of Pete's pick-up, hurriedly winding up the driveway.... So glad that they were finally home, but just a tad surprised at seeing Mrs. O'Reilly with them, Dorothy went out on the porch to greet them....and to point out the green glow in the sky. She got Pete off to the not to alarm the others.....and told him Mary's 'condition' had returned.....and that she had tucked her into bed....and Mary was resting comfortably now. He rushed to her bedside......withdrew the covers......and sure enough......the green line on her tummy had re-appeared! With all that he had learned on his journey into town.....he now was bewildered, and just knew that this had to mean something important. Suddenly, he hears a scream from the front porch.....and goes out to find Mrs. O'Reilly and Barbie running towards to open field where the green glow is he follows. They stand in the shiney spaceship with it's green lights....hovers over them.......the door open.......with it's bright white light glowing from within.

Suddenly, a figure appears in the doorway.....small, frail, and of course, green....and without a word being spoken......they all hear the same thing........"We come in peace.....and invite you all to visit our planet......GreenAll......"

For some strange reason.....they are not frightened anymore......and by now, Mary has joined them. The small green figure.....once again telepathically informs them that only the chosen few are invited.........those with the green mark......have been chosen. Pete is worried sick now......strips his clothes a frenzy... to find some green.......somewhere......because he realizes both Mary and Barbie will be going.

  Mrs. O'Reilly shrieks at Pete's unabashed display of immodesty......but sneaks a peak when she can......because after has been awhile for her!

Mary finds a very tiny green speck behind Pete's left knee....and they are both thrilled ....... for they will now all be taking the journey together.

Mrs. O'Reilly realizes the time has come for her to tell her she blurts out........stating she has the green mark, too......on her........on her........"oh just let me show you"... she states, as she starts to lift her skirt!

"No No No!" Pete holds his hands up......shuddering at the thought of what she might show them! "We believe you......and besides, the little green man knows who is he surely knows you are one of the chosen ones".

They cannot wait to board the ship no thought to their family, friends, or possessions.....and quickly walk up the ramp.....knowing that they are in for a very special treat.......they.....

author Penny