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Chapter One

Once upon a time in a land far far away there lived a beautiful princess. Her name was Malinda and her father the king was very generous to her (for Malinda was his only daughter). He let her have anything she asked for and she could do whatever she wanted. As long as she did one thing for the king.

The king insisted that she do all the cooking at the castle (for she was a very good cook!). So one day Malinda was out gathering blue colored frogs and putting them in a little yellow straw basket. You see the only food the people in this kingdom ate were frogs and because this was a magical kingdom, the frogs were all different colors and each colored frog had a different taste! Well, Malinda had promised the king one of her delicious blueberry frog pies for his desert that night. Malinda reached out to pick up a particularly plump blue frog when the frog looked at her and began to speak! Well, since this was a magical kingdom, it didn't surprise Malinda too much to hear the big frog say, "Please oh fair princess, don't eat me"

Well princess Malinda promptly spoke up and said, "Why? Why shouldn't I eat you, you silly blue frog?"......

author Michael

Chapter Two

"Why shouldn't you eat me? Well, I actually can't tell you now, but you must take my word! You cannot eat me! The reasons will will be clear in the near future as to why you can't eat me, but until then, PLEASE take my word!"...

"Ok, you silly little blue frog," said the Princess Malinda, "I kind of like you and I will not use you for pie tonite if you can come up with a solution as to what to use as a substitute. My father is the King you know and he will be very upset if I do not perform my one and only duty of cooking, and tonite he is expecting blueberry frog pie."

The blue frog scratched his head for a minute and then lit up like a light bulb."I have a super idea!" He lifted his little blue hand and pointed across the lake. The Princess Malinda gazed towards the direction of frog's gesture, and there, sunning on rocks, was the Blue Budweiser Lizard gang.

"UGH!" gasped the Princess.....

author Naji

Chapter Three

"Ah..come on Princess, you know this is a magical kingdom and so anything is possible." said the frog.

So off they went to visit with the Blue Lizards. As they approached Louie was talking in his usual manner of scheming to Frank. When the Princess and the silly blue frog finally reached there destination.

Louie spoke up and said, "Hi"...."fair maiden Princess, are you here to make me a star in this magical kingdom?"

No, Mr. Blue Lizard, I am here to take you home so I can make my father the King happy tonight by serving him his favorite Blueberry Pie.

" But Princess, how could you waste such a talent as I have to make me into a pie?"

Once again she said, "But my father is the King you know and he will be very upset if I do not perform my one and only duty of cooking."

"And your listening to this silly blue frog?" replies Louie.

"Follow me and I'll lead you to the Wizard he will tell you how to make us all happy."

So, of went the Princess, the silly blue frog and Louie the star struck blue lizard to meet the Wizard....

author Bobbi

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